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Mixology Classes For Couples & Bachelorette’s in San Jose

Fun cocktail making classes for couples on a date night in San Jose WHY book a mixology class as your date night activity in San Jose? Because its AWESOME!  Relax and  get funky. Each couple will receive a kit of cocktail making equipment and ingredients. Watch the  mixologist demonstrating how to make a drink and then it will be your turn. Book a fun mixology  class in San Jose for couples on a date night and learn to shake and stir your favourite drinks. And  you even get to drink your own creations!  Book a private mixology class for you and your date or join other couples, learn to make great  cocktails in San Jose with the best Mixology company in California!
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Learn to Make Cocktails in San Jose With Classes in Mixology Book Cocktail Classes For Your Next Team Building in San Jose with Mixology US Learn the fine art of mixing a cocktail and hone your skills with some of the best cocktail bartenders in San Jose.  Classic or contemporary – you’ll learn to shake your favourites and more. Cocktail making classes offered at our location or we can come to yours, book the mixology party that fits your requirements and party in Style in San Jose with Mixology US!

Cocktail Mixology Classes in San Jose, California

Fun cocktail making events for Couples, Corporate Clients, Bachelorette & Birthday Parties
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Fun Mixology Classes For Private Events in San Jose

Experience an exciting introduction to the world of cocktails, providing you with a practical  foundation in the mechanics of mixology and cocktail preparation. Book your party at the next  available mixology class in San Jose, California and you will learn methods of cocktail preparation in  terms of building a drink, stirring, shaking, layering, muddling, straining, smashing…oh and  drinking. You will prepare and make a range of classic and contemporary cocktails including: Collins,  Margaritas, Daiquiris, Caipirinhas, Sours, Mojitos, Martinis and much more.  A Mixology Classes is perfect for team building parties, corporate and client events and we offer the  best cocktail making class San Jose has to offer. Birthday Parties, Bachelorettes or Corporate Events -  we got you covered. Go Large and book a Premium Class in Mixology for your workmates, clients or  group of friends and enjoy the standard Mixology Class for 90 minutes followed by 90 minutes of  premium Open Bar and light appetisers. This one is for the serious players! 
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Team Building Mixology Classes San Jose

Cocktail Making Classes for Corporate Clients & Team Building Events in San Jose If you are looking for a team building activity in San Jose for your employees, or organising a get  together for friends, a cocktail making class is great for bringing people together, promoting team  work and having fun in the process. Book Mixology Classes US and let us help you plan the perfect fun  office day out! We split our groups up in to teams and each team will work their way through a range of different  cocktails before they perfect the art of ‘mixology’. Learn to make the perfect Martini, shaken or stirred  in a fun and relaxed environment as instructed by your own private mixologist. And the most important  part of the event …. You get to drink your cocktail creations while having heaps of fun!  Our cocktail making classes in San Jose makes the perfect recipe for a great team building event or just  an extra special night out with clients or work colleagues!
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