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Mixology Classes San Francisco Cocktail Making Classes in San Francisco. Cocktail mixing lessons, demo’s, mixology classes California!
mixology classes San Francisco
Mixology Classes for Private Groups, Bachelorettes and Couples Classes

Mixology Events in San Francisco, LA, San Diego & San Hose

Ever fancied yourself as a bit of a Tom Cruise in that hit  movie Cocktail? Why not try our Cocktail Mixology Classes in California  where you  will have the chance to make it all happen. A  perfect activity to incorporate in your party. You will get to  make and drink  delicious cocktails and have a a great time  while you are at it.

Mixology Classes California, learn the art of Mixology in San Francisco 

Cocktail Mixing Lessons & Mixology Classes for Private & Corporate Events - Holiday Party Classes!
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Los Angeles, California
Private Mixology Classes for Corporate Events Holiday Party Cocktail Making Classes for Team Building & Client Events  Ever wanted to learn how to make amazing cocktails, what ingredients go best together and what  spirit & flavour combination will work best? Are you intrigued by the fascinating world of mixology  and cocktail making? Live your dream, book Mixology Classes in San Francisco for private groups  with the crew at Mixology US and learn to shake with the best!  Fun hands-on mixology classes for private parties offered from the comfort of our cocktail bars  downtown San Francisco or private cocktail making classes at your location - we do both! We help  numerous teams on their fun office day out bonding together over a few cocktails, teaching them  how to make them (and drink them of course) all in a fen environment. Serious about your mixology  passion? Join our weekly Open Day Mixology Lessons open to the general public where tips and  tricks will be shared by the best in business. We tailor each class according to your requirements:  - mixology classes for team building  - mixology classes for private groups  - mixology classes for couples on date night  - mixology classes for bachelorette parties  - mixology classes for birthday parties  - open day mixology classes, open to the general public 
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Mixology Classes San Francisco
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Bachelorette Mixology San Farncisco

Group  Mixology Classes San Francisco

Mixology Classes for Couples San Francisco

Mixology classes are in a sense just like cooking classes but waaaaay better! Even one lesson in  cocktail making will have you giggling with your loved one in no time! The team at Mixology Classes  US specialises in fun classes for couples on a date night in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego  and San Jose. We work with numerous couples looking for fun but different classes and not afraid to  explore and we would love to work with you as well.  Why book a mixology class for your date night? Because it’s AWESOME! There are many couples  classes in San Francisco you can book from cooking classes to dance classes, painting or singing  classes but nothing quite compares with a Mixology Class. Book a private lesson at home in San  Francisco and we will bring the bar to you for one day or join other couples for a group class and  shake the night away with the best Mixology Events Company in California.   Sounds good? Of course it does! Send us an email today at info@mixologyclassesus.com and ask for  the next available class. Bring your friends, bring your auntie, bring your dog! Forget about the daily  stress and let us make (and drink) some cocktails! All you need is 2 hours of your time for this class  for couples and the secrets of Mixology will be revealed to you in a fun and relaxed environment.  
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bachelorette party mixology classes California
Mixology Classes California
Bachelorette Party Mixology Classes     San Francisco
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Bachelorette Party Mixology Classes            San Diego
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Mixology Classes for Bachelorette Parties San Francisco Kick start your bachelorette party with the best classes in mixology in San Francisco Looking to book fun activities for your bachelorette party in San Francisco? Ever wondered what is  like to mix the best cocktails? Now is your time to get behind the bar and shake your stuff!! Your  professional cocktail mixologist will start this fun class with a few moves and tips! Your ladies will be given a fun briefing and then it's straight into the action. Learn all the tricks of the trade while  crafting your own signature bachelorette cocktail. Book a standard 90 minutes mixology class or go  large with a Premium Class where you will have the chance to also enjoy delicious appetisers, the  best mixology events San Francisco has to offer. Book fun activities for you and all the ladies, book  mixology classes in San Francisco today! Mixology Classes for Private Groups Downtown San Francisco & Mobile Classes Book your mixology party in San Francisco at our cosy bars downton and learn how to make the best  cocktails as instructed by your own mixologist or book a cocktail making class at your location. We  do both! From the many activities out there San Francisco has on offer nothing comes quite close to  the fun and excitement a Mixology Class is able to contaminate your friends, work colleagues,  clients, date or bachelorettes. For further details and availabilities  in your area send us a quick email  toady and don’t forget to add the date of the party and group size at info@mixologyclassesus.com! 
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Bachelorette Party Mixology Classes            Los Angeles
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