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Mixology Classes Richmond Fun Mixology Classes for Team Building, Bachelorettes, Birthdays and Couples Classes in Richmond
mixology classes Richmond
Learn to Shake the best Cocktails in Richmond with Mixology Classes US Cocktail Making Classes For Corporate Events, Bachelorettes & Couples Planning an event in Richmond and you need to book a  fun activity to get your group to bond together! Mixology Classes make private parties come to life. Have the time of your life with a mixology workshop hosted at our cocktail bars downtown Richmond, these are the best cocktail making classes Richmond, Virginia has to offer!
Learn to Make Cocktails in Richmond with Mixology US Mixology classes Richmond - the perfect team building event, bachelorette & couples activity!
Fun cocktail making classes for private events in Richmond Ever fancied yourself as a bit of a Tom Cruise in that hit movie Cocktail? Why not try our Mixology  Classes in Richmond where you will have the chance to make it all happen. We can help you organise  the perfect party, our Cocktail Making Classes are the best activity Richmond has to offer. Learn how  to make some of the  best drinks around! A fun Mixology Class is a comprehensive and fun   experience for all, you will discover what  goes into your  favourite cocktails and how they are made.  You will learn all of the  tricks of the trade for mixing, shaking and ultimately enjoying delicious  cocktails

Team Building Cocktail Making Classes in Virginia

Are you looking to entertain your guests with something different? A Mixology Class could be the  perfect idea. Our corporate cocktail making class in Richmond, Virginia provides a unique  environment to facilitate networking with clients and cementing relationships in a fun and relaxing  atmosphere, it engenders team work and skill building as you work together to create a delicious  cocktail. We can either come at your office with all the gear required or we can organise a venue in  town, the choice is yours.  Want to know more? Send us an email at info@mixologyclassesus.com today! 
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Mixology Classes Richmond
Bachelorette Party Mixology Classes     Richmond
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Birthday Party Mixology Classes            Richmond
team building mixology classes Richmond
Corporate Event Mixology Classes          Richmond
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Mixology Classes Richmnond T - 888 687 1829 (toll free) E - info@mixologyclassesus.com
couples mixology classes Richmond
Couples - Date Mixology Classes             Richmond
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Mixology Classes For Bachelorette Parties in Richmond

The best bachelorette mixology parties in Richmond with Mixology US Bachelorette party coming soon and you are looking for fun activities? Book your place at the next  available Mixology Class in Richmond and learn the beautiful art called Mixology, fun and  interactive mixology classes where you will learn to shake your own cocktails! What better way to  celebrate your Bachelorette party than with our amazing Cocktail Making Classes. We offer the best  mixology classes where every girl will get to shake 3 cocktails with the help of a professional  bartender, book on-line today!We have the best central venues or we can organise a mobile class at  your venue/accommodation - the choice is yours!   Our experienced bartenders will keep you  moving, shaking and dancing all night long. They are  entertaining and charming, they're perfect gentlemen and they will guarantee you a night to  remember! Let us kick start your hen party celebration in style, book your cocktail making lesson  with Mixology Classes US in Richmond and let the fun begin 
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Private Mixology Classes


Couples Mixology Classes


Couples Mixology Classes Richmond

Why take a mixology class on your date night? Because it’s GREAT! Take my word, you’ll thank us  later. There are few activities that would make you work together as a couple in Richmond, get you  bonding and giggling like a teenager and at Mixology Classes US we have have the perfect one for  you. Get ready to shake your booty with your date partner like a pro, our Mixology Classes in Richmond  are the “one” class all couples should take together! Mixology classes are fun because they teach  you how to make tasty, unique drinks with amazingly fresh and wonderful ingredients. There’s no  shortage of alcohol here! So, if you’re looking to have a great time when concocting delicious  cocktails, then book a mixology class in Richmond, Virginia with your loved one today!
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Mixology Classes Richmond
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Couples Mixology Classes
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