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Best private Mixology Classes Madison has to offer! Cocktail Making Classes For Corporate Events, Couples and Bachelorette Book Mixology Classes in Madison, Wisconsin at some of the trendiest cocktail bars conveniently located downtown for corporate events, group of friends, bachelorette party mixology activities and couples date night.  Learn to make & shake 3 cocktails in a fun and relaxed environment with the best mixologists Wisconsin has to offer.
Join our fun Mixology Classes in Madison for private parties!   The perfect team building activity, fun cocktail making classes for Corporate Events and Private Parties
Kick start your mixology party in Wisconsin, Madison  in style! Enjoy a fun and interactive cocktail making master class to perfect cocktail favourites. The team of  award-winning mixologists in Madison at Mixology Classes US  will demonstrate three cocktail  making techniques with expert advice and entertaining demonstrations. This interactive class is  perfect for groups ranging from team building events, corporate outings, bachelorette’s parties and  birthdays to corporate incentives and social club outings. Join the best mixology classes Madison,  Wisconsin has to offer and you will get to make and drink three different cocktails that have been  hand-made by you.. Fun Mixology events tailored specifically for each group:  - Corporate Mixology Classes - the perfect team building activity and Client Entertaining  - Couples Mixology Classes - the best date activity, impress your partner with your shaking skills  - Birthday Party Mixology Classes - kick start your evening in style with a Cocktail Master Class  - Bachelorette Party Mixology Classes - the activity every bachelorette party in Madison must book!  (trust us, you’ll thank us later) 

Cocktail Bars offering Mixology Classes in Wisconsin

Learn how to make your best cocktails in Madison with a class in Mixology. Our mixologist will  introduce you to the ‘Art of Mixology’ with some background knowledge on your chosen cocktails  for the night, revealing tips and tricks for a successful mix. Get ready for the action, make your very  own cocktail and compete with your friends; you’ll now be the mixologist behind the bar having fun  with glasses, garnishes and more!v Our weekly cocktail classes are available with prior on-line  booking only, for further details and availabilities in your area send us an  email today at and together let’s plan the perfect party!  
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Mixology Classes Madison
Bachelorette Party Mixology Classes     Madison
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Fun Birthday Party Mixology Classes          Madison
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Mixology Classes Wisconsin
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Cocktail Classes Madison, Wisconsin - the best classes in town! Welcome to the best mixology events company in Wisconsin, we are specialised in organising fun  cocktail making activities for team building, corporate events and private parties in Madison,  Wiscounsin and we would love to work with you as well. Hosted at trendy cocktail bars and lounges  your Mixology Class will be supervised by a professional cocktail bartender in a fun and relaxed  environment. Prior booking is essential, we tailor each mixology event specifically for each group:  - Corporate Mixology Classes - hosted any day of the week, minimum group size of 5 required  - Couples Mixology Classes - only with a confirmed booking, hosted Thursdays to Sundays  - Birthday Party Mixology Classes - hosted any day of the week, minimum group size of 5 required  - Bachelorette Party Mixology Classes - weekend cocktail making classes, prior booking essential 
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Fun Corporate Mixology Classes Madison              Wisconsin
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Bachelorette Party Mixology Classes in Madison, Wisconsin

Want to make delicious and fun cocktails like a professional mixologist? With our tailor-made  mixology classes in Madison you’ll learn from the best bartenders with years of experience. The  perfect bachelorette party activity in Madison, fun and interactive cocktail making classes at local  cocktail bars hosted by charming bartenders.  You’ll also get the opportunity to design your own exclusive cocktail under the watchful eye of one  of our expert flair bartenders. If you’re looking to book fun games at your next bachelorette party  in Madison you are in the right place, send an email at and make sure  to add the date of the party, location and your group size and if we’re not busy hosting classes a  dedicated mixologist will reply same day! 
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