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Mixology Classes Los Angeles Want to learn about cocktail making? How about taking part in our fabulous mixology classes in LA
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Private cocktail making classes in Los Angeles with Mixology US Corporate Mixology Events, Couples Classes and Bachelorette Parties Give your party in LA the ultimate experience with a Mixology Class. The Cocktail Classes are the perfect way to celebrate your office night out, team building or client event, a bachelorette party or just a fun day out with your friends. Book Mixology Classes in Los Angeles with the best in town and learn to shake cocktails like a pro!

Cocktail classes, cocktail demo’s & mixology events in LA 

Team Building mixology parties, couples mixology classes & private cocktail making classes in LA
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Mixology Events in Los Angeles for Private & Corporate Clients Learn to make your best cocktails with professional Mixologists in LA  Are you planning activities for your Team Building, a Client Event or the long awaited Holiday Party  in LA? What better way to spend some quality time with your colleagues then to get behind “the  stick” for a fun Mixology Class!! Learn the art of mixology at great cocktail bars located downtown  LA from Hollywood to Pasadena and Valencia we can organise a mixology class in most areas in LA.  Team building mixology classes, bachelorette and birthday parties and couples classes - we have a  mixology class in Los Angeles for every occasion. Fun hands-on mixology events:  Mixology classes for team building - corporate mixology events, the best team building activity  your dollar can buy in Los Angeles. Book a cocktail making party for your next Team Building event  and learn to shake the best cocktails in town. Mobile cocktail making classes at your office in LA can  be arranged on request.  Mixology classes for private groups - private mixology classes in LA for groups of friends, get your  best friends together and book a private class in Mixology with professional cocktail bartenders.   Couples mixology classes - the best fun classes for couples, amazing mixology events tailored for  couples on a date night. Learn to shake cocktails with your loved ones in LA.  Mixology classes for bachelorette & birthday parties - still planning the activities for that special day  with the ladies? You’re in the right place, book cocktail making parties with Mixology Classes US!  
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Mixology Classes Los Angeles

couples mixology classes Los Angeles team building mixology classes Los Angeles cocktail mixology classes Los Angeles
Team Building Mixology Classes in Los Angeles A Mixology Class is a fun and fabulous way to get your special event off to a great start. These great Mixology Classes in Los Angeles are a top quality experience. They teach you the secrets  of mixology, what ingredients work best together and what will make the perfect cocktail with a little  insight into the history of Cocktail Making. Learn to mix them, shake and stir them like a pro! This is  the ideal event for your corporate party in Los Angeles, book the best cocktail making experience in  LA at downtown cocktail bars with Mixology Classes US! You will learn all of the mixology and then  you will have the opportunity to make your own drinks.  “Where can i book a mixology class in Los Angeles?” At Mixology Classes US we “teach” our cocktail making workshops from the comfort of our cocktails  bars located downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Pasadena & Valencia. On request we can organise a  mobile mixology class at your office - the choice is yours! For further details and availabilities  in  your area send us a quick email toady and don’t forget to add the date of the party and group size at  info@mixologyclassesus.com! Holiday parties, corporate and client events, team buildings and office  nights out - we can tailor each Mixology Classes for each event individually and with group sizes  from intimate classes for couples up to large parties of 200 we are one of the very few able to  organise a mixology event almost anywhere! 
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Mixology Classes Los Angeles T - 888 687 1829 (toll free) E - info@mixologyclassesus.com
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Mixology Classes for Couples in Los Angeles Fun couples classes in Mixology at local cocktails bars in LA. As a new way to get your relation to the next level have you been searching for fun classes couples  should take? Welcome to Mixology Classes US!  The Number One stop for all the couples looking to  spice up their evenings with a fun and novelty activity. We work with numerous couples looking to  learn the secrets of Mixology at our classes in Los Angeles and we would love to hear from you as  well. Mixology classes in LA for beginers or more advanced mixologists, we got you covered! 
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