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Fun Date Night Cocktail Making Classes
learn to shake with the pro’s, cocktail mixology classes for couples looking to do something adventurous on the date night
couples mixology classes mixology classes
Couples Mixology Classes Fun Mixology Classes for Couples on a Date Night in NYC, Seattle, Dallas, Philadelphia
Mixology Classes for Couples on  Date Night  Why do a mixology class as your date night activity? Because its Awesome!

Fun Mixology Classes for Couples

Are you looking for something fun to do on your date night? Forget about the cinema, your local Italian  restaurant or the bowling club! Be the cool guy and plan a fun activity that you will both enjoy as a couple,  think cocktails, think Cocktails Mixology Classes! Why go at the bar to grab a cocktail when you can learn  how to make them with your own private mixologist for the evening! Our Classes are fun and interactive,  you don’t need a pen & paper to take notes and you will not have to pass a test at the end! But be prepared  to work as a team in creating beautiful cocktails at the amazing Mixology Class for Couples hosted at  cocktail bars located downtown for your convenience! Sounds good? Of course it does, send us a very quick email and let us know the date you want to book  your mixology class, location (see the list on the left) and join us for you fun couple activity
cocktail making class New York
People we Love Mixology Classes in NYC
cocktail making classes for couples

Date Night Ideas - Mixology Classes for Couples 

Looking for best places in town to have a Mixology Class for couples on a date night? There are few activities that would make you work together as a couple, get you bonding and giggling like  a teenager and at Mixology Classes US we have have the perfect one for you. Ever wanted to shake your  own drinks just like Tom in “Cocktails”? Go on, we know you want this! Get ready to shake your booty with  your date partner like a pro, a mixology class is perfect as one of the many fun classes couples should  take together! Mixology classes are fun because they teach you how to make tasty, unique drinks with  amazingly fresh and wonderful ingredients. There’s no shortage of alcohol here! So, if you’re looking to  have a great time when concocting delicious cocktails, then book a mixology class with your dear one  today!
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