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Mixology Classes Denver Mixology Classes for Team Building, Private Groups, Couples and Bachelorettes in Denver
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Cocktail Making Classes Denver

Fun Birthday Party Activities

Fun Mixology Classes in Denver for Birthdays and Bachelorettes Check out the fun cocktail making activities on offer in Denver, Colorado for birthdays,  bachelorette parties and corporate events hosted at the best cocktail bars downtown 

Bachelorette Party Mixology Classes Denver, Colorado

Mixology Classes US is the number one choice  when it comes to  organising a fun Mixology Party  for your bachelorette in Denver.  We have the best bartenders in town, charming and professional  they will teach you how to make the perfect cocktail at this fun cocktail making class from the  comfort of our cosy cocktail bars Want to  know more about it? Send us an email today at Mixology  Classes Denver!

Mixology Classes for Birthday parties in Denver, Colorado

Loud music, cool drinks,  hunky barmen...sounds  familiar?   Yes, we are talking about the super  cool Mixology Class in Denver. Hosted in your home, hotel or at our venue  our cocktail mixology  classes in Denver will sure kick  start your bachelorette party in style!
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Couples Mixology Classes in Denver Colorado Fun Activities for Couples on a Date Night in Colorado - Mixology Classes Fun hands-on cocktail making lessons and mixology classes hosted at at our cocktail bars located  Downtown Denver, the ideal activity for couples looking to experiment and experience the best  activities this city has to offer! Learn how to shake the best cocktails in town and have a great time  while you are at it. Why should you do it? Because its AWESOME! That’s why! Let some of the  amazing cocktail barmen around teach you step by step their secrets, then  sample & create the  recipes yourself.
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Fun Mixology Classes in Denver Colorado for Private Groups We make booking mixology classes in Denver a snap! We’ve taken the original Cocktail Mixology Class and really mixed things up with the word “fun” in mind. Nobody shakes it quite like our crew in Denver, Colorado. Learn the secrets of our expertly handcrafted cocktails at the best cocktail bars in Denver. Perfect for Bachelorette Parties, Client Events and Corporate Parties! Learn the art of cocktail making with classes in Denver!
Fun Team Building Cocktail Mixology Events in Denver  If you're looking for mixology classes in Denver for private groups we have the best your money can buy!
Corporate Mixology Party - Make Your Own Cocktail! Ever fancied yourself as a bit of  a Tom Cruise in that hit movie  Cocktail? Why not try our  Mixology  Classes in Denver  where you will have the chance  to make it all happen. Perfect for team building  events, client entertaining and work night out  a mixology class will get your night of fun to a great  start. Learn to shake the best cocktails in town, hosted at funky cocktails bars and lounges  Downtown Denver the cocktail making classes we offer are the talk of the town! With clients like  Health One, Centura or Keiser hosting regular mixology classes for employers and partners alike  our mixology fun activities will get your team bonding and working together quicker than you can  say Denver Colorado! Send us an email today and don’t forget to add the date of the party and your  group size and we will reserve a place for you at our next available mixology class. 

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Chilled drinks, loud music, dim lights and close friends - Sounds  fun? Yes, we are talking about a  Cocktail Making Party. Known as one of the most stylish, enthralling and sophisticated parties of   all, our mixology class are so much fun you will want to do them again and again! 
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Cocktail Making Class Denver
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Mixology Classes Denver
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Mixology Classes Denver T - 888 687 1829 (toll free) E - info@mixologyclassesus.com
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