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Birthday Party Cocktail  bartender hire
New York, Dallas, Seattle, Washington, Boston, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles.  Entertaining at home should be a time to relax and enjoy with family and friends, not worry about all the  details of your party that can turn your night into work instead of fun.   Send us an email today and enquire about our Hire a Mixologist in New York, Dallas or Boston services for  as little as $200 per booking and you will see that booking a cocktail barman is not going to be as  expensive as you thought it will be! Mobile bars, glassware and bar tools - we can provide the full package  or you can just Hire a Bartender and look after the rest, contact us today for further details and  availabilities in your area. 
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Cocktail Bars, Cocktail Glasses & Cocktail Bartenders - Full Professional Beverage Services available for hire  from “Hire a Barman” in New York, Boston, Seattle, Dallas, Las Vegas and Hollywood. Hire your cocktail  mixologist today and let us handle the bar service at your next party. We have professional bar staff who  can pour the perfect cocktail, serve the ideal spirit and assist with all aspects of your special party allowing  you to relax and enjoy the experience. Book a Full Bar Package to include glasses and ingredients so you  don’t need to worry about a thing or hire a cocktail bartender only and we will help out with a shopping list  based on your cocktail menu!  All our cocktail bartenders have years of experience and will be runing the bar with professionalism and  always with a big smile on their faces. If you wish to see some pictures from previous events and the  feedbacks received from our customers please visit our Facebook page HERE. Don’t forget to “Like” us as  well
Hire Mixologist for Private Parties at Home   birthdays, bachelorettes, house party bartender & mobile cocktail bar hire
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Hire a Cocktail Flairtender  Private Parties and Corporate Events
Celebrating your special day with delicious cocktails fresh made by your  own personal cocktail flair bartender - surely there is nothing that can  beat that! Professional flair service, standard cocktail bartender or  regular bar staff -  let us help you plan the perfect party! “Hire a  Barman” - when only the best will do! 
Hire a Flair Bartender  Cocktail Flair Service available for hire
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Hire a Bartender

Hire a Mixologist to help kick-start your Birthday party in style! Mobile bar, cocktail bar staff and cocktail glasses hire
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Book a Female Barmaid   The perfect addition to a stag party!
Hire a Female Cocktail Bartender   Perfect for stags, birthdays and corporate events!
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Is your best mate stag party coming soon and you are looking for ideas  on how to make the drinks part a memorable session? Hire a female  bartender and let us kick start your weekend in style - book in New York,  Seattle, Dallas, Las Vegas, Chicago and Boston The perfect alternative to the Bartender Hire option.   
Cocktail Making Parties at Home for Birthdays!  Mobile cocktail making class from the comfort of your house!
Find Cocktail Bartenders for hire at Birthday Parties Whether you need a bartender for a birthday party, house party, wedding or corporate function, Hire a Barman is the place for finding a local bartender. We provide professional bartenders for any size home party or corporate event.
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