Hire a Cocktail Bartender We make Hire a Bartender a Snap; private parties, house parties & corporate events!
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Hire a Mixologist for a Private Party or House Party
Hire a Cocktail Bartender
professional bartender hire services available for all occasions - hen parties, private parties, weddings corporate and trade shows
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Hire a Cocktail Bartender for a house party - New York plus many more We make Hire a Mixologist a Snap! Book in New York, Boston, Chicago, Washington
The nicest thing about hiring a bartender for your private party is that you will be able to relax and enjoy time with  your guests. At Hire a Barman we have professional bar staff who can pour the perfect drink, serve delicious  cocktails and assist with all aspects of your special event. Entertaining at home for your guests or the office should  be a time to relax and enjoy with family and friends not worry about all the details of your party that can turn your  night into work instead of fun. Party the smart way and hire bartenders for your next house party today! Birthday  Parties, Hen Parties, Corporate Events, Weddings or Private Parties - we got you covered!  Hire a cocktail maker at home with “Hire a Barman”, book in New York, Boston, Washington, Houston or Seattle  plus many more! ! Cocktail glasses, cocktail making equipment or mobile cocktail bar - we offer a full range of bar  service solutions designed to make your event a success and your party planning as less stressful as possible.  Regular bartenders, cocktails waiters, flair bartenders or professional waiting staff.  Give us a call and book today, we have the perfect bartenders available for hire and we would love to work with you  as well! 
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Professional Cocktail Bartender Hire Services for Private Events 

Birthday Party, Hen & Wedding Party, House Party and Corporate Events
New York, Boston, Chicago, Washington, Houston, Bristol, Dallas & Seattle  Our main objective is to make your event as enjoyable and stress free as possible. When you hire a mixologist with  “Hire a Barman” we're happy to organise as much or as little as you need to make your bar exactly the way you  want it. Our services include the bartender hire by the hour service, cocktail waiters, flair bartenders, mobile  cocktail bars and cocktail glasses all available for hire almost anywhere in US. Hen Parties bartender or cocktail  making classes, corporate events or wedding cocktail bars, house parties and birthday cocktail parties - we got you  covered, give us a call and hire a mixologist today!  We can build a menu with a range of cocktails to suit any taste or style and will leave your guests talking about your  party for ages! But most of all we're about fun!! Our bartenders will do whatever they can to bring a great  atmosphere to your party! If your event has a theme you may dress the bartender to suit the occasion. 
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Cocktail Bartenders Hire Services New York, Boston, Chicago, Washington, Dallas
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Hire a Bartender

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Hire a Flair Bartender for a House Party or Private Event 

Classic Mobile Cocktail Bars Hire, LED Cocktail Bars and Vintage Set-up’s
New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Washington. Tampa, Miami.  We hire out experienced cocktail bartenders and mixologists of all types for every event or private party, from  professional cocktail bartenders to flair bartenders, mixologists and cocktail waiters and with coverage from New  York all the way to Dallas and Seattle we are able to provide a flairtender almost anywhere in UK!  Our Mixologists are the true bar professionals when it comes to flair bartending, fire performers and flair training  for corporate and private events. Flair bartenders can get started any private party or event by providing live  entertainment while serving funky cocktails, mixed drinks, and laired shots. Whether you want an extreme  bartender to perform dazzling close-up magic tricks with the manipulation of bar tools or perform a high energy  experience with bottle flipping and juggling, booking a flair bartender is a great way to liven up any event.  Plan the perfect party with Hire a Barman and we will guarantee a One of a kind setup you and your guests will be  talking about for months to come!  “Hire a Barman” when  only the best will do!  
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At Mixology US we bring the cocktail bar to you! Looking to Hire a Cocktail Maker for a house party, hen party or private event? Book in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Dallas, Miami, Houston, Philadelphia, Seattle plus many other areas! We are the bartender hire company able to provide the service in so many places in United States.
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